Lamashtu's ADD OSR Campaign

Session 3: 7/29/15

Ambush in the Woods! (part 1)

Earthday, Richfest, CY585

Again the party sortied into the Gnarley Forest toward the Fens, their doughty cleric Bombur having arrived in Etterboek while the party was returning loaded down with Boobrie flesh and offal.

Somewhat further south than their encounter with the Boobrie, the party wandered into an ambuscade. Elias was snared while Jiggari watched helplessly; and the main body was attacked from four corners by black haired man shaped spider people – the Ettercaps at last!

A furious battle for survival began with Jiggari leaping up and away from the trunk of the tree in which Elias was ensnared, cutting him down with a swipe of his sword. Khalia, Dreyda, and Bimm battled two opponents; while Bombur and Balin each took one.

Quickly Bombur took a bite through a gap in his armor, and fell senseless to the ground. Balin grappled with his opponent and struck it such mighty blows with his axe that it fled the field. Meanwhile Khalia and Bimm, backed by the sharp notes of Dreyda the Bard fought off first one and then another of the creatures.

In the process however Khalia took a terrible bite that felled her, and although both Jiggari and Elias rapidly overcame the massive spiders that had attacked them during the general melee and joined the main body of the party, none were able to prevent Khalia’s terrifying and painful death!

While efforts were underway to revive Bombur, additional Ettercaps arrived – perhaps having heard the call of their friends as they were slain or forced to flee. Although for one slight moment it appeared the sides might avoid additional conflict, Dwalin roared his defiance (and told everyone to defend the fallen), and charged. Seeing this, the party and Ettercaps both moved into action and another general melee began.

Although the party slew and drove away 3 of their attackers, all were injured and Dreyda too fell senseless having received a poisonous bite. As the evening began, the party was down 3, and faced the largest Ettercap yet seen – clearly still willing to fight despite now being alone….

Will last ditch efforts to revive Bombur and turn his clerical strength on their enemies work out? Does Dreyda, fighting desperately to live despite the poison, have any chance? We’ll find out next game day, on 8/12!!



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