Lamashtu's ADD OSR Campaign

Session 2

Attack of the Giant Bird

Moonday, Richfest, CY585

Having met Elias, the party proceeds to argue about which approach to take in order to find out more about the Ettercap threat. Eventually Elias offers to join the party for consideration and a share, then offers his own advice on which approach would be best.

Although Jiggari remained somewhat fixated on searching the abandoned gaol called the Rusty Gate north of Etterboak, ultimately it was decided to trek deeper into the Gnarley Forest, in the direction of the Fens of Tor.

On the very outskirts of the Fens, Elias was chased back toward the part by what he later called a “Giant Boobrie”, a 12 foot tall cross between an Emu and a Flamingo, with all-over brown colored feathering. The ensuing battle nearly cost Elias his life, but ultimately the party defeated the bird.

With many in the party injured, it was decided to return to Etterboek to heal, dry and otherwise avail of the what meat could be carried back, and store some of the bird’s bones, sinews, organs, and feathers in case they are worth selling back at the city.



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